Free School Planning Application

The free school application was the idea of the IBIS Ward Councillors in 2010, as this was the agenda of the incoming government. IBIS set up BO2SS, that has since become Ingleby Manor Foundation Trust (IMFT), to pursue the free school bid. As a result we met with our MP to get his support for the free school in May 2010 which was forthcoming and the process has progressed since then. The free school bid was to provide another secondary school for our community to be paid for by public funds.

During the initial application, November 2010, there was a set of draft indicative head of terms proposed between Satnam and the government for the school site to be leased at a peppercorn rent. IBIS Ward Councillors were told during the business case stage, under no circumstances should anyone get involved in the land issue, as it must be left to the Education Funding Agency and that the issue is private and confidential. The free school application was handed over to parents to lead in February 2011 on the instruction of Central Government.

On 9 July 2012, the developer (Satnam) consulted with our community on 250 homes and a free school. At the consultation, the Developer stated that the homes are required because the new school is not affordable.  The homes would be classed enabling development when the Developer submitted a Planning Application to SBC. On 15 October 2012, a planning application was submitted for 350 homes and the school. Read more

Connected Councillor – Tablet Review

Earlier this year I was struck down with Measles.  While I was off sick recovering from this horrible illness, I took the opportunity to complete some research to see if I could find an alternative tablet computer to the iPad.  My aim was to find something with a decent spec that was sufficient to run applications that tech savvy “Connected Councillors” require. However, the key was to find something that is reasonably priced as many Councillors tell me that they are put off buying an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, for example, due to the cost.  Another consideration was to find something that is light and can be carried easily. Read more