Connected Councillor – Tablet Review

Earlier this year I was struck down with Measles.  While I was off sick recovering from this horrible illness, I took the opportunity to complete some research to see if I could find an alternative tablet computer to the iPad.  My aim was to find something with a decent spec that was sufficient to run applications that tech savvy “Connected Councillors” require. However, the key was to find something that is reasonably priced as many Councillors tell me that they are put off buying an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, for example, due to the cost.  Another consideration was to find something that is light and can be carried easily.

I suspect the majority of people are expecting me to suggest an “Apple iPad Mini” is the answer.  Yes, it was a consideration, but what I have found is even cheaper.  I came across this little gem of a product manufactured by a company called Gemini Devices:-




This seems to be a superb product offering a dual core processor running on Android 4.1 Jellybean with plenty of storage.  The huge bonus for me is that the device is supplied with a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.  This also acts as a hardcase offering huge protection to the tablet.

The build quality is very good for the £180 price tag.  Another key issue to me over Apple is the ability to save to external devices via USB port or using a Mini SD Card.

This is a pretty fair review of the product by the Daily Mail here.  Just to dismiss any rumours that I am a secret Daily Mail reader, Google Alerts pointed this review out to me.

Don’t expect this to be the spec of an Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, but for the price, it’s certainly one to consider.

My mobile phone is now connected to the Three network to take advantage of their unlimited data tariff.  I simply tether this device to my Smartphone to access the Internet.

I have used this product now for just over 2 weeks and I am really impressed.  The product has both a front and rear facing camera so it’s ideal for Councillors holding a Skype Ward Surgery.

Hope this is useful.


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